Laura grew up in Virginia and received her Bachelor of Science degree at Roanoke College in 2007.  She then continued her education at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to obtain her Masters in Occupational Therapy degree in 2013, once she realized she had a passion for helping others.  Laura and her husband, Jonathan, moved to Rapid City in 2014 when he got a job as a pastor here in the hills.  Laura has worked as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist in Rapid City now for 3 years with Lifescape.  She travels to rural South Dakota and the reservations working with children in schools who need Occupational Therapy services.  She works with children who have a variety of needs such as developmental disabilities, autism, and sensory processing difficulties, helping them to achieve independence in daily activities (play, feeding, dressing, handwriting and school activities, etc).  Jonathan and Laura have a daughter, Lydia (1), and love spending time with her and watching her explore and be curious. They absolutely have fallen in love with the hills and all it has to offer.  Laura is passionate about creating a children’s museum in the hills so that all children can thrive.


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