The Plan

Stage 1:

Become an organization through the state of S.D., establish a Board of Directors, apply for 501(c)3, conduct the Founding 50 fundraising campaign, hire a consultant to do initial studies.

Stage 2:

Work with a consultant to conduct strategic planning, evaluate feasibility, and create a plan for the future of the museum.

Meet with community members, local businesses, corporations, and individuals to gain support for the project.

Open our first location!

Stage 3:

Develop business plan, begin Capital Campaign, plan and develop exhibits, review and solidify building site, site plans, and building plans, solidify community partnerships.

Stage 4:

Break ground and get to work! Get geared up for the GRAND OPENING of our new museum!

Stage 2 Progress

Total Stage 2 Progress:
Phase 2 Fundraising Goal: $250,000
Volunteers: Goal 100
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