Adventure. Creativity. Excitement. Imagination. Exploration. Play. Discovery. Joy.

All of these words describe children’s museums. These words and the faces of my children when they visit children’s museums are the reasons for beginning this journey and trying to open a children’s museum in Rapid City. This isn’t a new dream for me. It began when I first visited the children’s museum in Denver with my youngest two children. The joy expressed by my children while exploring the museum inspired me and I wanted to create a place where children could all experience the joy from visiting a children’s museum.

This dream is shared by a group of parents in the Rapid City community and together we are working to make this dream a reality. Children’s Museums have redefined museums and inspired families to go to museums and enjoy art, culture, science, and history together in a hand-on and interactive environment.  We hope to bring this fun, family-oriented, 14037767_815533563419_126864836_oeducational opportunity to Rapid City.

The current goal of the Children’s Museum of the Black Hills is to raise sufficient funds to bring in a consultant who specializes in emerging museum planning and feasibility studies. This consultant will help determine the needs within Rapid City and how we can fulfill those needs in our children’s museum. This consultant will also provide a roadmap for the future and the next steps we will take in order to open and sustain a children’s museum in Rapid City.

I encourage you to get involved in this exciting project! Volunteer your time, talk to your friends and neighbors to spread the word, offer your talents, skills, and abilities, or donate financially. For more information on how to get involved, please fill out the volunteer form on the Get Involved page!

With Gratitude,

Lily Bruckner

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