Stage 1 is Complete!!

Stage 1 is Complete!

It is my great pleasure to announce that Stage 1 of the Children’s Museum of the Black Hills is officially complete! I attribute this great success to the hard-working and dedicated Board of Directors and to the generous Black Hills community. A very special THANK YOU to all of our Founding 50 members! Together we’ve demonstrated that the Black Hills is ready for a children’s museum. It’s hard to believe this process only began 3 months ago, but we are cruising along as we begin Stage 2!

We are anxiously anticipating our work with the consultant in October. Jill Randerson and her colleague, Jeanne Vergeront, will be in Rapid City October 14th-15th facilitating a 2-day workshop with the Board of Directors. This process will include a feasibility study, determining the size and scope of the museum, strategic planning, etc. Working through this process is critical to the future success and sustainability of the museum, which is an essential component of our vision for the Children’s Museum of the Black Hills.

As always, we welcome any input from the community and look forward to working together to bring this incredible opportunity to the Black Hills! Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us!

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